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This site aims to find and review the best Health and Fitness programs, diets and ideas out on the web. All placed in one handy place to peruse and get inspired from. I hope to put the accent on the positive – great minds can lead to great bodies – and help others to feel fit and healthy within themselves.

I have been a keen – some might say fanatic – keep-fitter, and have developed my own personal training programs from week to week, month to month, and year to year; I think my experience can help you make the right choices when I put forward my thoughts and opinions on Fitness Review.

The Fitness Review Blog cannot exist in a vacuum, and I would like to see visitors comment freely on the different ideas I will be covering here. If you would like to contact me personally, either with an idea you would like to share, or information you think might be of interest with others, then put your thoughts down on an email – just use my contact page on this site.